With a strong believe that chemistry between people can lead to magic results, Cristina is the creative writer from Aventurigo and a diplomatic person. She knows what Search Engine Optimization means and she’s good at making convincing texts that help businesses spread the word about them on the internet. She loves working for her clients and finds great joy when seeing their business grow helped by her digital marketing actions. Cristina uses both her intuition and knowledge when writing the content for a presentation website or for posts on Facebook/Instagram or when creating graphic design.

Cristina has an university degree in Economics and Business Administration, university postgraduate studies in Management and Marketing and a trainer diploma. She created original fundraising campaigns for helping children from disadvantaged environments or for a local Scouts organization.

She is the mother of a 12 years old boy, an amateur runner, an avid book reader, lover of deep talks and a writer on her blog (now under construction for the second version) about this journey called life.


While attending a high school with IT profile, Marius felt attracted by graphic design and started to learn it on his own. On special occasions, everybody from the family received the greeting cards custom made by Marius, using his graphic design skills. After a few years, he started doing visual identity for companies and graphic design for al kind of advertising materials: business cards, leaflets, posters, brochures, outdoor advertising and books covers. Marius has an university degree in Economics and Business Administration, specialization Commerce/Tourism/Sevices.

He has more than 12 years experience in doing WordPress & Joomla websites, Search Engine Optimization works, sites security, e-mail configuration for 100% destination reach in Inbox, product/landscape/portrait photography.

Cooking, working in the garden, growing bio-tomatoes, seeing movies, physics – that is what Marius loves. Plus walking in the always majestic forests, seeing mountain peaks, meet people from other regions and photo-document his travels, with the intention to raise awareness in protecting those regions’ natural beauty.


One of Woody’s preferred places to sit and sleep is Marius’ desk chair. It usually takes about 10 seconds for Woody to jump on it after Marius gets up and takes a break from working at computer. We use to say that Woody continues Marius’ job and does websites too.

Woody has more patience than us, empathy, curiosity and loves human companionship. He definitely is part of our family and Aventurigo team.