thinking about launching YOUR website?

Be it for an educational or gardening business, a blog, an online book store, a non-governmental organization, an architecture office, a yoga course, a gym, a restaurant, a hotel, an organic food producer or store and so on, the website will spread the word about who you are, what you are doing, help sell consistently your products and services, while bringing value to other peoples’ lives.

Presentation websites and e-commerce websites are our expertise and we can help you with them. We have done it for companies acting in education, turism, health care, psychology, psychotherapy, sport, make-up, translations, construction tools sales, textile production.

Do you need a name for your website/project? If you are unsure about the proper choice, we will advise you about it. We have done it already and find it really rewarding to start the branding process from scratch. Where from to buy the domain? You will be guided to take a decision, having us as consultants.

In building the website, Cristina, our “Master of Words”, will talk with you, understand your project, propose you a website structure and create an easy-to-read-and-understand story (that also respects SEO rules) for each section of the website.

Marius, with his technical expertise, will give life to your website. He will also configure the e-mail addresses according to anti-spam policies; this way, each e-mail you send will arrive in the Inbox of your recipient and will not be considered an unsolicited message.

Good to know


We recommend including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities in your budget when it comes to having a website. This is the first step in the process of having a top 10 position in Google using specific keywords. Such a position can be achieved and maintained with efforts that include presence on social media channels.


From the moment of its launch, a website needs maintenance/security activities, otherwise it is exposed to be infected, meaning that you might one day see on your website ads for viagra/sex videochat or from your e-mail address are being sent messages with the same kind of advertising or the content on some pages is not displayed properly or the website is not visible anymore. Moreover, an infected site will not be considered reliable by Google, therefore you can expect to see it no more in Google results when using specific keywords. Therefore, we recommend and assure maintenance and security activities for websites, making sure they are alive and, should it happen to be compromised, take actions to solve this issue.


Should you decide to move your existing website and e-mail addresses to another hosting provider, Marius will do it. Contact him for details and price.

In case you’re considering sending newsletters, we’ve got it covered: we configure the newsletter so that it looks nice and professional, creating also the content each time it is being sent. Once the website is ready & live, we also provide help for content update.

Are you curious to see how many people access your website? Which pages have gained the most of your visitors’ attention? From which cities/countries come your visitors? How many people arrived on your website through organic search, direct access, from other websites or from social media channels? We let you know about it, as this information is precious also for us when deciding the digital marketing strategy.

Those being said…

Let’s do it together!